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    Nightingale Game Character Creation Nightingale offers an abundance of options for character creation that offer some familial context. Making decisions about your protagonist’s ancestry—which includes story, lineage, and inheritance—will present you with some fascinating options. But over time, how do they impact your character?

    Whichever story you select won’t impact your gameplay, at least not right now. While your plot develops, there might eventually be exclusive NPC dialogue options; but, so far, I haven’t noticed any significant variations.

    Nevertheless, there’s no official word from Inflexion indicating that this feature won’t be added at some time in early access, so it’s important to pay attention and select the one that works best for you. Choosing the narrative that best fits you will also determine your starting attire, so if you’re not sure which to choose, just go with the cutest one.

    Every possible Nightingale character story

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    Your character can have up to seven distinct backstories applied to them. Naturally, they’re all heavily influenced by Victoriana and suitable for all social classes from that era with a whimsical flair. Some of them seem more adapted to living in the Fae Realms than others, at least initially.

    All of the options available to you are as follows:

    Academic: A seasoned academic with extensive knowledge of both humans and the physical sciences, you spent your time doing in-depth study in your subject in the opulent lecture halls and libraries of your local university.

    Statesperson: A regent with a political power family and affluent birthplace. You spent days discussing the inner workings of your magnificent metropolis and nights indulging in opulent parties and dinners, all for nothing.

    Tradesperson: a knowledgeable and capable multitasker. You led a simple but contented existence, working most of the time. You had everything you needed—a tool in your hand, food on your table.

    Hermit: a solitary eccentric who prefers the lonely countryside to the busy metropolis. You toiled the land, eschewing social graces and contemporary conveniences in favour of complete self-sufficiency.

    Officer: A military officer who was used to living in the field in hardship and interacting with the populace. You enlisted in the military at an early age, so you have firsthand experience with tragedy, devastation, and the terror that may befall people.

    Neer-do-well: a small-time criminal with little chance of success in life who frequently breaks the law. You had always relished the rush of getting into trouble, robbing, conniving, and putting life’s vices ahead of propriety.

    Vagrant: Poor and forced to live on the streets, or worse, in a workhouse. Your life has consisted of begging, scrounging, and lengthy shifts of agonizing manual labour performed under the guardian’s merciless supervision.

    The impact of inheritance and lineage on Nightingale traits

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    iMAGE CREDIT: Destructoid

    To summarise, while neither of these settings is essential for developing your character or advancing their plot, experimenting with them can add a personal touch and make your character seem more unique.

    You can select two parents, four grandparents, and eight great-grandparents using the Lineage option, all of whom give your character their physical characteristics. It’s an intriguing approach that offers countless possibilities.

    Before fine-tuning every facial feature of your character in the latter stages of character building, inheritance allows you to adjust your inherited physical attributes virtually limitless based on what your ancestors possessed.



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