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    Apex Legends patch notes dressed to kill  Apex Legends’ Dressed to Kill Collection event is now active. There is some substance in this update’s patch notes in addition to the vanity material, even if many players will undoubtedly find the abundance of unique cosmetics and the introduction of the long-awaited Horizon Heirloom to be the highlights.

    While some of the contentious issues, like Ranked, won’t be altered in this update, Respawn is still addressing a number of players‘ complaints. The most important takeaways from this are the additional Seer nerfs as well as the minor changes and improvements coming to the Nemesis Burst AR and the EVA-8 shotgun. Beyond only addressing a few aspects of the meta, Apex will also be updating the sandbox with quality-of-life improvements, an update to the weapon-building rotation, and other changes.

    You may start exploring the Dressed to Kill event and upgrade right away after reading the complete breakdown of the patch notes.

    Complete Dressed to Kill update patch notes for Apex Legends

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    This time around, Seer is the only legend that has undergone any changes, but his modifications are extremely significant. It’s a relief that one of his Tactical’s more annoying features, the ability to cancel healing and reviving actions, has been eliminated in favour of a silencing effect more like Revenants. In order to further separate Seer’s kit from its initial recon-centric behaviour, the amount of time adversaries spend being scanned has also been dramatically decreased.

    It is uncertain whether this will be the last straw for Seer because he is no stranger to nerfs. His pick rate is already shockingly low, and I have no doubt that it will continue to fall as more of his once-notorious strength is taken from him.


    • The range of the heartbeat sensor (passive) is now 50 meters instead of 75.
    • Significantly less initial heartbeat lag.
    • Reduced focus of attention (tactical) ranges from 75 to 60 meters.
    • A 30 per cent faster boost in firing speed has been made.
    • Its ability to cancel beacon contacts to heal, revive, and respawn has been removed.
    • The scan took 2.5 seconds instead of 8 seconds.
    • Once more, a complete body highlight is included in the scan.
    • The focus of Attention now slows enemies for 2.5 seconds after connecting with them.
    • The silence duration was extended from 1.75 to 10 seconds.
    • The throw distance for Exhibit (Ultimate) decreased from 50 to 15 meters.
    • adversary movement was cleared of diamond scan markers.
    • Now, the Exhibit will only display player movement within the zone as footfalls.

    updates to weapons

    Although players may have wished for more in terms of nerfing the Nemesis, it is evident that Respawn is now making an effort to address the weapon. Reductions in the effectiveness of its projectile gravity and projectile speed can seriously limit the range of its effectiveness, depending on the scope of the nerfs, which are only vaguely detailed at this time. For Respawn to determine whether more extreme curbing is necessary to bring The Nemesis into line, it is probable that comparable tweaks like these will be made to it first.

    Anemis Burst

    • Reduced projectile speed.
    • The gravity of the projectile increased.

    shotgun EVA-8

    • increased fire rate at the base rate.
    • increased fire rate when a white bolt is attached.
    • Blue, purple, and gold bolt fire at the same pace as before.
    upgrades to the quality of life
    • Enhanced stability of the audio engine.
    • At the conclusion of each challenge round in the Bloodhound Trials, the smart treasure is distributed to the active team in World’s Edge.
    • Jump Pads and Crypto Drones are now destroyed by Newcastle’s Castle Wall in the same way as other placeable items.
    • Support legends with dead teammates have a larger probability of receiving a Mobile Respawn Beacon from Extended Supply Bins; banners are not necessary for this higher chance to occur.
    • The weapons menu now has a tab for weapon backgrounds.
    • added new hotlinks to the overview and end-game weapons tabs explaining how to earn weapon mastery XP.
    • The legend bios tab has been added to the legends menu.
    Shooting Range
    • There have been new choices added to change to third person, show a timer for all purposes, and match the dummies’ helmet levels to their shield levels.
    • The dummies have received general upgrades that increase the frequency and distance of their spawning.
    • The design of several targets has changed.


    • A new menu item “Clamp Mouse Cursor to Game Window” has been added.
    • Now that the FPS in the lobby is limited to 60Hz, high-end graphics cards should have more time to cool down in between matches.
    • Users of Intel ARC will see a popup alert urging them to have a look at the DX12 Beta, which has demonstrated increased performance qualities on ARC technology.
    • The priority of some movement noises above footsteps has been fixed.
    • Fixed hearing the tactical sound effect of Ballistic at other shooting ranges.
    • Corrected an error with the sound effect that plays when Ballistic strikes a teammate with Whistler.
    • further server audio dropout issues were fixed.
    • Players who died with falling audio were fixed.
    • While Tempest is active, the backpack no longer stays open after it is downed.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to enter Sling with a weapon and accessories.
    • Now, when other guns run out of ammo, he automatically switches to his sling weapon.
    • If a target is downed while locked on, the tactical lock-on effect is no longer present.
    • If Seer’s tactical hits you while you’re locked on, the tactical lock-on effect is no longer present.
    • When unlimited ammo is turned on, the CAR SMG now displays the appropriate amount of ammunition in the inventory.
    • The “Are you sure you want to leave” prompt was fixed for conditions like squad wipes that weren’t relevant.
    • The World’s Edge bug where building tops weren’t registering as off-limits has been fixed.
    • Tempest VFX from Ballistic are no longer active while cloaked or phase-shifted.
    • Fixed a bug when spectators’ sling weapon icons wouldn’t update in Ballistic.
    • You no longer get a blank death recap if you died or were already dead when the game ended.
    • When a decoy is destroyed with Newcastle’s Castle Wall, the “decoy destroyed” notification is not displayed as intended.
    • To address the issue of Mobile Respawn Beacons not being awarded to players with dead teammates, extended supply bin logic was fixed.
    • After switching it out for the sling weapon, a primary weapon’s invisible optic was fixed.
    • Fixed the Control panel’s squashed Mobile Respawn Beacon icon that appeared on ultrawide monitors.
    • Fixed client crashes that occasionally happened after leaving an IMC arsenal.
    • Fixed a rare crash when playing as Ballistic on a firing range and switching legends.
    • Fixed improperly displaying a vault key when pinging Icarus Bridge on Olympus.
    • fixed squashed minimap and pinging weapon icons on the map.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented teams from creating banners if the team’s support legend left.
    • Players shouldn’t experience any difficulties when using the Replicator to craft.
    • After receiving the first weapon mastery badge, the preview now functions as intended.
    • When using a controller, volume sliders now increase and decrease as intended.


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