Baldurs Gate 3 Patch Notes


    Baldurs Gate 3 Patch Notes Patch 2 will be available soon; it is just around the corner. We’ll go into more detail regarding this update’s considerable performance improvements as we get closer to its release.
    Did you know that since the game’s release, you have collectively played Baldur’s Gate 3 for more than 200,000,000 hours? Over 22,000 years, to be exact!

    Right now, Sorcerer and Paladin are the two most common class choices, while Cleric is the least popular.
    In Faerûn, Half-Elf characters come in second place, quickly and predictably, to Human and Elf characters. Dwarf, Gnome, Githyanki, and Halfling are at the other extreme of the spectrum. They may not be the most ethereal beings in the Realms, but it doesn’t stop them from making a sick metal band.

    We appreciate your playing Baldur’s Gate 3 and sticking with us while we work on fixes for the time being.

    SPOILERS – Please proceed at your own risk as some of the entries below may contain spoilers.

    Baldurs Gate 3 Patch Notes Showstoppers

    • You won’t be abandoned by the Emperor in the Morphic Pool anymore.
    • You won’t encounter any obstacles if you start using the boat to travel to the Morphic Pool, send that character to camp, and then use a different character to continue.
    • The inability to engage with anything after listening in on a chat as Player 1 and leaving the session too soon has been fixed.
    • Fixed a problem that might potentially halt combat progress if you save the game in the middle of a reaction by the Reaction UI.
    • Fixed a multiplayer issue wherein loot in corpses would occasionally not show up until an item was dragged onto the corpse.
    • Fixed a bug where, after assisting Downed party members, you would get the Game Over screen.
    • The game’s Helm of Arcane Acuity crash has been fixed. The condition can now only have seven stacks.
    • Instead of displaying a Game Over screen when you attack an NPC during a dialogue after being Downed, you will now be jailed.
    • Fixed a problem where characters could get caught in a never-ending loop of falling.
    • It has been resolved that players can no longer revive Marcus by hitting him with a dual-wield strike; only the first hit will do so.

    Story Logic and Pacing

    • With the exclamation point no longer hovering over his head in the absence of any fresh information, Wyll should be allowed to talk about Ravengard being at Moonrise Towers.
    • Now that Ansur has been murdered and has an exclamation point over his head, Wyll should be able to advise you on what to do next.
    • In Wyrm’s Rock, Ravengard no longer refers to non-tadpole characters as True Souls.
    • Act III should make it simpler for Shadowheart to implement her suggested romantic moments.
    • Fixed the issue where conditions would change before a save game had fully loaded. For example, if loading an autosave made when entering the Lower City, the hag would have no health, preventing you from completing connected missions.
    • Fixed Karlach refuses to camp out after being let free
    • No longer do Art Cullagh and Fist J’ehlar’s fears of bears and spiders cause them to abandon their mission.
    • After their companions have returned to safety, the Zhentarim will utilize the mines more frequently and stop actively attempting to blow themselves up by inspecting live mines.
    • Minthara no longer repeatedly criticizes companions or brings up unrelated subjects.
    • Streamlined the conversation when Minthara was involved.
    • Fixed Minthara’s body disappearing from the camp when you choose to put a tragic end to a charming occasion.
    • Halsin and Minthara can no longer be recruited to camp during the same game session.
    • The specific map markers for a number of locations—including those for examining Kagha, examining the cellar in the Blighted Village, and locating Halsin at the Goblin Camp—have been changed into more suitable general area markers.
    • made it clearer when you select some dialogue options that you’re beginning a romance with Gale.
    • You may now envision a future with Gale that lies halfway between kissing him and kicking him in the head during the scene where he is teaching a spell.
    • Raphael will no longer employ Flames of Avernus to attack his own pillars or friends when he is confronted in the House of Hope.
    • Regardless of how the quest began, the Grand Duke’s location should now be properly updated for the Rescue the Grand Duke task.
    • Fixed a bug where killing Auntie Ethel with non-lethal attacks still killed her.
    • You can choose to once more respect the bugbear and the ogre’s right to privacy outside the Blighted Village. Don’t obstruct genuine affection.
    • Fixed a level design flaw that would have let you employ a spell-like Dimension Door or Misty Step to skip a portion of Act II’s main quest section.
    • Fixed a bug where the cute cat headline from Baldur’s Mouth could get unintentionally overwritten.
    • Wyll will now recognize Avatar Karlach and start a conversation if he is not recruited.
    • made sure that wherever Wyll went, Mizora would always be able to interrupt him.
    • The beggars are no longer damaged by a single coin thrown at them.
    • Dolly Dolly Dolly will now paint your face if she curses you with the A Clown in Town ailment for upsetting her within the Moonlantern. That will teach you.


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