Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Mod Location Unveiling the Elusive Upgrade


    Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Mod Location Players in the futuristic setting of Cyberpunk 2077 are always looking for strong mods to improve their gaming experience. The Phantom Mod is one of the most elusive and sought-after enhancements. The goal of this essay is to direct you to the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Mod location and explain how to obtain this amazing piece of equipment.

    What is Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Mod Location

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    In Cyberpunk 2077, there is a Ranged Weapon Mod called Phantom. It is an upgrade that can be applied to ranged weapons. These mods can be purchased from merchants or made with a certain crafting speciality.

    The rarities of ranged weapon upgrades have an impact on their stats.

    Cyberpunk 2077 Mods and Attachments

    Only on ranged weapons can attachments be equipped and removed; they have two slots. To decrease ADS Time (Aim Down Sight time) and enhance Range (effective projectile distance, not zoom), scopes, sights, and optics that can each be utilized by one or more types of firearms can be attached to the scope slot. The muzzle slot permits the attachment of suppressors, often known as silencers, which reduce overall base damage % while also reducing audible enemy detection when shooting (along with perks such as stealth damage multipliers and typically crit chance percentages). Other than variations with bugs or fixed attachments, there aren’t any other non-suppressor muzzles in the game at the moment.

    One cannot craft an attachment.

    In order to add or boost certain stats for weapons and armour, modifications take the form of chipsets or additions. Modifications can be made using crafting skills, found as loot after clothing and weapons are disassembled with the Waste Not Want Not perk, or bought from retailers of apparel, cyberware, and weaponry.

    2077 Cyberpunk Weapons

    It depends on the manufacturer whether a weapon is a bottom, middle, or higher tier in terms of availability. The rarity and cost of the weapons increase with tier. Each weapon also deals at least one of the four damage types—chemical, electrical, physical, and thermal damage—with the exception of utility grenades. Non-lethal weapons can also disable enemies instead of killing them, however, lethal weapons can also do this if they don’t harm an enemy’s weak places or have the Pax modification.

    While melee weapons fall under the categories of Blade or Blunt, guns can be classed as Power, Smart, or Tech.


    Insofar as they employ standard ammo, calibres, and cartridges, power weapons are conventional firearms. This category comprises a wide range of weapons, such as revolvers, pistols, SMGs, machine guns, shotguns, rifles, disposable and single-use polymer guns, and revolvers. The majority of fully automatic power guns have a fast rate of fire along with a high amount of recoil.

    Power weapon bullets could ricochet off of solid objects. Using a Ballistic Coprocessor or brandishing Kongou can increase this risk. With the perk Draw the Line, the ricochet travel line can be seen. The muzzle and scope slots on the majority of Power guns are used for custom sights. In Perspective, Play the Angles is a perk that specifically applies to power weapons and their ricochet ability.


    Gyrojet technology is used by smart weapons to launch caseless guided ammunition at adversaries. When it was first created in the 1960s, this technology was unreliable in battle. They are effective and extremely precise in 2077. To precisely scan and follow the movement of targets, smart weapons are connected to weapon grips and optics.

    Smart rounds, which latch on and search out their targets but must be within the weapon’s tracking box, are used by smart weapons to aim for the wielder. Smart bullets travel more slowly than ordinary bullets but can arc around barriers to hit their target. To enable smart targeting, the Smart Link cyberwar is necessary, and better Smart Links enhance the tracking capabilities of the gun because hits are not always certain. The dermal imprint used by the Tyger Claws gang reduces their likelihood of hitting by jamming the smart-targeting feature. Suppressors and sights are not compatible with intelligent weapons. Lock and Load are advantages that uniquely apply to smart firearms and their target-tracking functionality.


    found inside Rocky Ridge’s BD Shack.Rare
    discovered within the Rocky Ridge gas stationUncommon
    At Rocky Ridge Powerplant, I discovered one behind a blue automobile and one above it next to the fusebox.common
    No Fixer, please (Can be taken from one of the chests in the room next to where Tanner is located.)common


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