Destiny 2 How To Get To A Guardian Rises


    Destiny 2 How to Get to a guardian rises The opening story mission of Destiny takes set in Old Russia, Earth, and is titled A Guardian Rises. The Guardian receives a weapon and a jump ship as well as instruction in all the fundamental aspects of gaming after being revived by a Ghost. The same Guardian may only complete this quest once.

    Locate a weapon

    • Ascend the stairs to enter a hallway lined with transparent windows. The walkway will lead you beyond the windows and into the pitch-black area that your Ghost will graciously illuminate.
    • You’ll soon arrive at a flight of stairs. You can see a Fallen Dreg creeping up inside the wall as you ascend them.
    • You will eventually reach a wide, dark pit. Here, the Ghost will stray into the pitch-black in search of the lights.
    • When the lights are turned on, countless support pillars that are heavy with Fallen can be seen in the distance. A pair of Shanks are chasing the Ghost to your location after the sudden brilliant light notifies the Fallen of your existence.
    • A gate will now open to the right of you. A Khvostov 7G-02 laying against a container can be found if you follow the Ghost through the gate.
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    Through the wall, fight

    • By picking up the auto rifle and equipping it while pressing the Xbox X button or PS4 Square button, you can arm your Guardian for upcoming encounters. From here, take the corridor down and out of the way of the pursuing Shanks.
    • As you continue down the hallway, a Dreg will emerge from the left side of the passage, and a Vandal will drop from the roof to ambush you. Kill them both with your new weapon.
    • On the PlayStation or Xbox, pressing RB will launch a melee assault. This will easily eliminate foes in close proximity.
    • Continue down the hallway until you reach an opening. Be cautious because another Dreg will descend from the roof and attack as you walk through the doorway into the hall beyond.
    • Pass a broken fence or wall by going via the hallway. Three Dregs and a Vandal who falls from the ceiling will ambush you here.
    • After eliminating the most recent wave of adversaries, proceed across the bridge. A Fallen loot cache may be found on the right at the end of the bridge. If you open it as a Titan/Warlock, you will gain glimmer and either a Preacher Mk. 20 or a Calcutta-LR2 depending on your class.
    • After passing the loot stash, descend the stairs and cautiously round the corner. The passageway that results will be filled with trip mines.
    • Either crouch (Xbox B button or PS4 Circle button) and walk under the lasers to avoid hitting and triggering the mines in order to escape dying, or shoot the wall attachments from a distance (not the lasers) to set off the trip mines.
    • One Dreg will fall from the roof at the far end of the hall, and two more will ambush you from the ground in front as you move down the hallway while avoiding trip mines. At the end of the corridor, there will be an additional four Dregs.
    • You will enter a vast hall at the very end of the passageway, where a last group of four Vandals and five Dregs will attack you.

    Approach the wall

    • You will spawn outside the wall enclosing Cosmodrome after two brief cutscenes.
    • Move forward in the direction of the navigation point designating a wall break by using the left analogue.
    • To display the navigation point, press the menu button on an Xbox or the touchpad on a PlayStation.
    • Run through the abandoned vehicles in the direction of the wall crack. Follow the railings to the wall while staying to the left of the break.
    • Press and hold the left analogue stick to run.
    • There is an entryway located here. To access the Breach, enter through the door.

    Through the Fallen, fight

    • A fleet of Fallen spacecraft, including a Ketch and several Skiffs, will enter Earth’s atmosphere and drop Fallen enemies across the Divide as you first cross it.
    • You can either choose to kill these opponents as you move through the Divide to level up and get experience, or you can completely ignore them.
    • TIP: To summon a vehicle, hit the menu button while holding down the Xbox X or PS4 Square buttons, respectively. You will be able to drive straight past all the adversaries while incurring little damage as a result.
    • To discover the Fallen, move forward and under the sign that reads “A.” Kill the Fallen or move past them to the left, towards Dock 13.



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