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    Joe Blackburn, the game director for Destiny 2, posted a video to X (formerly Twitter) today to discuss the upcoming DLC The Final Shape and other topics. 

    Blackburn acknowledges the criticism that the previous State of the Game post didn’t live up to expectations and accepts responsibility for it at the outset of the video. 

    On August 22, the next week, Bungie will broadcast its showcase to introduce The Final Shape. It’s an old recording and a “pretty focused reveal.” The opponents who have been set up, the allies that have accompanied the players, and the Light will all be the main topics of the expansion.

    It won’t involve any “wacky new systems” or ideas being introduced into the game, but it will still be an enjoyable experience for everyone who has played Destiny.

    The showcase is made for a huge audience as well, so it won’t concentrate on specifics of the expansion that only the core audience is aware of. A new Strange Coin rework, an updated Xur, or adjustments to the HUD that will make buffs and debuffs more obvious in higher-level combat are among them. 

    The presentation will concentrate on the plot, the settings, and some modifications to the live service. After the showcase, the developers will offer further information.

    Speaking of PvP, the current strategy doesn’t seem to be giving gamers the Crucible experience they want, so Bungie will create a map pack that will be available to everyone for free next year. There will be different maps included, each of which will be proficient at different things and offer variety. 

    A new mode called Checkmate will be added to the game during the fifth week of Season 22. Everything revolves around the primary fire basic weapon excellence of Bungie games and the ability to demonstrate that brilliance in Bungie games.

    Relic is a different game mode that will focus on giving you a “quality Destiny sandbox experience of your guns and your powers that escalates when you succeed in a sort of crazy mayhem-like experience.”

    The basic playlist will expand to include other modes. This features more modes in addition to several that were included solely in Iron Banner.

    The competitive scoring system will be rebalanced, making winning and losing more significant and increasing predictability. Additionally, there will be more of the popular game modes in the rotation.

    A PvP attack force dedicated to the Crucible will be assembled by Bungie. They will make their own decisions as devoted PvP devs, and if they are accepted, they will promptly inform the community via TWID postings and Reddit. 

    Blackburn then spoke on armour, admitting that Bungie hasn’t done a good job of communicating its goals to armour. In The Final Shape, a new set of ritual armor will be introduced. A brand-new set that was scheduled to cost money in Season 22 will also be given away as a Ritual reward. 

    Additionally, Bugie will interact with the gamers more. The branded accounts will publish more frequently and more creatively.

    Blackburn will interact with the player base while streaming gameplay. This won’t be jam-packed with spoilers, but it will be an additional channel for communication and a chance to interact with and learn from the players.



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