Final Fantasy 16 No Party Members


    Final fantasy 16 no party members a story of devoted friendship has always been featured in the Final Fantasy series. Fortunately for us, the Final Fantasy 16 party has returned, and some of them have already been revealed.

    Clive Rosfield, the game’s main protagonist, is centrally featured in both the gameplay and the story, as was previously stated. But based on the gameplay we’ve seen thus far, we can anticipate that Clive will travel with friends.

    Final Fantasy XVI (16) will have party members in spite of rumours to the contrary, but they won’t be what we’ve grown accustomed to.

    Players will only have control over Clive, unlike most Final Fantasy games. Party members’ behaviours will be automated by AI and based on the player’s actions as Clive.

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    Can Party Members Pass Away in Battle?

    No, during combat, none of your party members can be killed or stunned. They may take damage from adversaries or be knocked to the ground, but they won’t give up until Clive is defeated. So, the only way to trigger a Game Over is for Clive to lose all of his health.

    Are Party Members Effective in Battle?

    You could be excused for assuming that party members must be really helpful to have around in a fight because they cannot perish, but that isn’t actually the case. Party members cause little damage against anything that isn’t a basic monster or human opponent, and they don’t draw the attention of boss opponents (bosses will always target Clive, no matter what). This implies that you cannot just have your party members engage in decisive combat on your behalf.

    In Final Fantasy 16, are the party members under your control?

    Unfortunately, neither the player nor the party members in Final Fantasy 16 can control them.

    Actually, Clive and the other characters are controlled by the game’s AI, so you don’t have to worry about that.

    Torgal, Clive’s lovely dog, is the only member of the group that you will be able to direct. He will occasionally heal Clive slightly and deliver minor damage.

    That’s all there is to know about party members in Final Fantasy 16 and whether or not you can control them. Check out some of our other helpful Final Fantasy XVI tutorials and information while getting ready for your next challenging battle:



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