Forspoken Deluxe Upgrade Game 2023

    Forspoken deluxe upgrade game Frey Holland, who was mysteriously transported from New York City, is stranded in the stunning country of Athia. Unexpectedly, a magical, sentient bracelet is wrapped around Frey’s arm, and she soon learns how to use magic to travel across the vast landscapes of Athia by casting potent spells and using magic. Frey gives her new golden buddy the name “Cuff” and leaves to return home.

    Panda Atlanta

    Frey discovers quickly that this lovely land had thrived under the rule of kind matriarchs known as Tantas before a terrible blight relentlessly ruined all it touched. The Break turned people into monsters, rich environments into four hazardous regions, and animals into beasts. The Tantus now rule as insane, malevolent sorceresses in the middle of their fragmented realms.

    Panda Atlanta

    Frey, unaffected by the Break and in search of answers, grudgingly consents to assist the final Athian residents who consider her as their only hope. Frey will be forced to confront the powerful Tantas, combat terrifying creatures, and unearth truths that will awaken something much deeper from within during her adventure through this weird and dangerous realm. Forspoken Deluxe Upgrade Game Release Date 24 Jan 2023.


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