Fortnite Guides Pro To Get Better

Fortnite Guides Pro To Get Better

Fortnite guides pro to get better Our Fortnite building tips and tricks guide will walk you through the most important aspects of building and improving your skill. The building is one of the most important and skill-intensive parts of the game, so focusing heavily on this will allow you to win more fights and games the better you get at it! Fortnite


Fortnite’s Haven masks are 30 different cosmetic items that allow you to customize Haven, a Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass Outfit (skin). You’ll have to collect Feathers from Chests. Every Haven Mask is also an associated Quest, broadly related to the mask’s theme. For example, you’ll need to catch a Shield Fish, a Spicy Fish, and a Jellyfish and turn in 15 Feathers to get the Reanimated Cat Mask.

Unlock The Skin

Before anything, to collect Haven’s masks, you’ll need both a Battle Pass (for 850 V-Bucks) and the Haven skin. You’ll find her on Page 5 of Battle Pass. First, you’ll need to unlock Page 5 by leveling up or collecting rewards from earlier pages, and collecting those rewards costs Battle Stars that you earn by leveling up. You’ll also need to collect all 10 rewards on Page 5 before the Haven skin is available.

Fortnite Guides Pro To Get Better

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Haven masks require you to spend a new currency, Feathers. You’ll have a chance to find Feathers in every Chest you open. To unlock every mask, you’ll need 440 Feathers — and that means you’ll be opening a lot of Chests.

There are a total of 30 Haven masks to collect. They are arranged in sets of three, and each Mask has a small Quest associated with it. Below, we’ll list them all along with their prerequisites and requirements.

MaskPrerequisiteFeather cost
All-Seeing CatUnlocked automatically when you claim the Haven skin0
All-Seeing HopperDrive 5,000 meters in a vehicle20
Autumn StagConsume different types of foraged items10
Cuddle WolfHunt Boars15
Dream HopperDrive a car, a quadcrasher, and a boat10
Eclipse HunterClaim Haven masks20
Elder WolfHunt Chickens10
Fire HunterClaim Haven masks10
Friendly KlomboRide on a Klombo for 10 seconds10
Frosty ChirperComplete Daily Quests15
Frosty HopperAir time while in a vehicle15
Air time while in a vehicleSearch Chests10
Glowing ScalesDeal damage to opponents while sliding20
Golden ScavengerSearch Seven or IO Chests15

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