Genshin Impact r34 Trick Enables Water Travel for Players


    Genshin impact r34 A simple hack has been found by a gamer to make crossing water faster and simpler than previously. Since its introduction over two years ago, Genshin Impact has amassed millions of followers all across the world. Gamers adore Genshin Impact for its fun gameplay, action-packed battles, and plethora of playable characters each with their own special talents and powers.

    The expansive open world of Genshin Impact, which is located in the fantastical continent of Tevyat, is another important factor in the game‘s success. Each continent has a distinctive language and culture that are based on a certain element and are governed by a different God. For instance, whereas people in Liyue worship Lapis, Mondstadt from Genshin Impact worships the Anemo Archon Barbatos. However, since vast expanses of water separate them, travelling between nations in Genshin Impact can be exhausting. Fortunately, one Genshin Impact player has learned how to quickly and easily scale vast quantities of water.


    On the Genshin Impact subreddit, Reddit user Devilmay1233 posted a video showcasing their amazing technique for moving through water more quickly. The technique is based on the player’s seamless switching between four Genshin Impact characters. These are Scaramouche, Kamisato Ayaka, Qiqi, and Kaeya Alberich, and thanks to their Cryo skills, they are highly useful for crossing water. The initial half of the trick involves travelling quickly underwater with Ayaka from Genshin Impact while using the skill moves of Scaramouche to glide over a short distance. Users must keep in mind Ayaka’s stamina in Genshin Impact when she is submerged because even a small error might lead to the method failing.

    The next move is to swap to Qiqi when stamina runs out so she can use her skill move to freeze the water around you so you have a firm base to stand on. Finally, when Qiqi’s cooldown is about to expire, Genshin Impact players must swap to Kaeya and use his unique ability to enlarge the frozen part. As Scaramouche can now use his gliding technique thanks to the solid surface formed by the Cryo abilities of other characters, players can switch back to him from Genshin Impact.

    The initial poster for the video is shown at a shore in Genshin Impact at the outset, with the closest mainland appearing to be miles away. Devilmay1233 crosses the wide body of water in just over two minutes thanks to this ingenious travel method employing Cryo characters in Genshin Impact. However, it should be noted that for the successful application of this technique to go quicker on water, Genshin Impact players must maintain care of variables like Ayaka’s stamina and Qiqi’s cooldown.

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