Like a dragon infinite wealth pre-order bonus


    Like a dragon infinite wealth pre-order bonus Regardless matter whether you are familiar with the franchise from its earlier days as Yakuza or its current name, Like a Dragon, you’re undoubtedly on the tip of your seat! The most recent instalment of the series follows Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu as they are united by fate—something that all fans hope isn’t “something more sinister”—into one another. You’ll need to decide on an edition and if you want the pre-order bonus before you can travel to Hawaii or Japan, but don’t worry! To assist you in locating the greatest copy of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, that is the reason I am here today!

    Pre-order Bonus

    Since the pre-order bonus is only accessible for a short while longer—the game releases on January 25—let’s start with it. For those who can’t wait to start having fun, this is a fantastic option because it includes two new jobs in addition to a Hero’s Booster Pack full of goodies to help you level up and craft more quickly.

    Regarding the jobs, this can be the right choice for you if you want to play tennis ace or linebacker! All members of the party will have access to both; the former will be available to men and the latter to women.

    The following will be yours if you pre-order Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth:

    • the fundamental game.
    • Male linebackers and female tennis aces make up the two jobs.
    • One small levelling set, one small Gearworks crafting set, and one small job levelling set are included in the Hero’s Booster Pack.
    Panda Atlanta
    Image Credit: store.steampowered

    Edition Standard

    If you don’t want to unlock more cosmetics or stuff, sometimes it’s wiser to stick with the simpler version! This is an excellent option if you’re content to merely ruin the tale and cause havoc in the game. It’s also the most cost-effective one!

    Deluxe Edition

    The Deluxe, as the name implies, offers extra goodies for gamers who are more certain of their passion for the title! In this instance, you’ll get a Master Vacation Bundle in addition to the original game, which offers some more content for content addicts! For those who purchase this version, there are new clothes, a bonus dungeon, special Sujimon, resort guests, and New Game+ to maintain the excitement!

    Ultimate Edition

    The Ultimate Edition is the final choice for interested parties! Along with everything the Deluxe offers, this one also includes the Yakuza CD Collection Set, Sujimon & Resort Bundle, and Assorted Outfit Pack, which adds even more goods to spice up your gameplay! For fans already, this is an amazing choice.



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