The Red dead redemption 2 walkthrough


    Red dead redemption 2 walkthrough Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar is a massive game in every sense of the word, giving us a larger map and a more in-depth narrative than its predecessor. We’ll walk you through all the information you need to get started with the expansive game in this Red Dead Redemption 2 guide, making it as simple as possible for you to embark on adventures throughout the American West.

    Ten crucial suggestions for RDR2

    We’ll be updating you on every new feature Rockstar has released for Red Dead Redemption 2 in the list of tips and tricks right below. Even if you recently played the original game, the prequel still has a tonne of brand-new features.

    • You can see three metres directly over the mini-map. These are the Deadeye metre, symbolised by the eye, the stamina metre, symbolised by the lightning bolt, and your health metre, symbolised by the heart.
    • The meter in the center of each circle displays your health, stamina, and Deadeye’s rate of recharge, and the line surrounding each circle indicates how full it is.

    • All three of these meters can be refilled with a variety of tonics, herbs, and food items, all of which can be found in your inventory by holding down the left bumper and tapping the right bumper.
    • You can carry two different major weapons while mounted or standing close to your horse. Missions can become much more difficult if you neglect to bring your primary weapon, which can be anything from bows to rifles to shotguns and other weapons.
    • A Stranger encounter is shown by a white dot on your mini-map when you see one. These are random events, so there is no assurance they will still be there if you ignore them and return at a later time.

    Red Dead Redemption 2‘s map isn’t fully unlocked from the start, and you only complete the blank areas as you pass through them.

    Keep in mind that you have a bandana in your item wheel that you can use to hide your identity when committing crimes.

    If you ever have some extra money, think about giving it to the gang at the icon on the map that looks like a dollar sign in a briefcase.

    Then you can spend the money you’ve given the gang to upgrade the camp, providing your friends with extra food, medicine, and ammunition as well as better tents.

    In Red Dead Redemption 2, don’t forget to take good care of your horse. You can feed your loyal steed by bringing up the item wheel while mounted and then navigating to the “Horse” menu.

    Red dead redemption 2 walkthrough How to Save

    Panda Atlanta

    You might be a little anxious about losing progress if you use the autosave feature because Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t quite clear about how it stores your progress. As far as we can tell, Red Dead Redemption 2‘s autosave only saves under the following circumstances:

    • A task has been accomplished.
    • An item is purchased or sold.
    • prior to going to bed

    By pausing the game, selecting the Story option, then selecting to load a save, you can see your save files to see if the game has autosaved. You can view when your most recent save was made from this screen.

    You can choose to manually save your game by going to the Pause screen, then selecting the Story option. The save option has a padlock on it, as you may have seen. In Red Dead Redemption 2, you cannot manually save your game while performing the following actions

    • During the middle of a mission
    • In a movie scene
    • conversing with an NPC

    Health and Stamina

    In Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan doesn’t start out as the hardest outlaw. you can find below if you want to increase Morgan’s health or stamina levels to give him a boost while you’re exploring the open world and engaging in gunfights.

    For Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar included a brand-new stamina metre, and it’s an essential component of the game. This Red Dead Redemption 2 stamina guide will show you how to increase your stamina so that Arthur Morgan can sprint farther and throw more punches during a fight.


    In Red Dead Redemption 2, money is everything, especially if you’re a member of the Dutch Van der Linde gang. below, you can find information on how to make money quickly, how to unlock Fences to sell your stolen goods to, and how to pay off a bounty that’s been placed on your head.

    In Red Dead Redemption 2, money is probably the game‘s core theme and the thing that makes the world go around. We’ll show you how to make money in Red Dead Redemption 2 as quickly as can in this guide to making money in Red Dead Redemption 2.

    How to Get More Respect in Red Dead Redemption 2

    Panda Atlanta

    Red Dead Redemption 2‘s first sector of the map will become accessible to you once you’ve set up and made your very first camp, and Arthur Morgan will start right in the middle of the morality scale. This mechanism, as we previously noted, is carried over from the first Red Dead Redemption, and not many changes have been made.

    First off, story missions won’t have an impact on your Honor. Your choices in the open world will mostly determine your morality level in Red Dead Redemption 2. For instance, robbing a store owner with a gun will obviously lower your Honor level, while stopping to assist a Stranger in need will raise it.

    Your mini-map shows a white dot for stranger encounters, which are almost always random. Your moral standing won’t be compromised if you ride by a Stranger and ignore them, but there’s no assurance they’ll still be there if you return. You will have the choice to either act morally and see your morality level grow or act immorally and see your morality level decrease if you stop to cater to the needs of a Stranger.

    For instance, in the early hours of Red Dead Redemption 2, we came across a lost traveler. Here, we had two choices: send him in the direction of Valentine, the nearby town, or trick him just for fun. This is an illustration of how Arthur Morgan always has the opportunity to act honorably when he encounters a Stranger and sees his Honor level raise as a result.

    In Red Dead Redemption 2, however, there are additional, less significant details that can affect your Honor rating. Your Honor rating may suffer if you keep tiny fish in your satchel or kill animals with many rounds rather than a single shot during a mercy killing.

    Honor: What Is It?

    In Red Dead Redemption 2, honor primarily refers to your character’s moral character. Being good in the Wild West is difficult because there are opportunities to do terrible things everywhere, but in this RDR2 Honor Guide, we’ll discuss the advantages of being good and raising your honor level.



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