Remnant 2 Weapons Locations


    Remnant 2 Weapons Locations Given that there are 31 guns in Remnant 2, the locations of the weapons are not as numerous as you could anticipate. However, our list of every weapon and its placement will assist you in finding a unique shooter or a murdering stick.


    Let’s get to it: You’ll have 31 chances to attack or fire the obnoxious Soulslike opponents in Remnant 2 because there are precisely that many weapons in the game. The three types of killing implements are melee weapons, handguns, and rifles. Accordingly, the damage values range from a meagre 8 points to a hefty 125 points.

    Additionally, some swords or shooters have unique abilities, such as a powerful explosion wave that strikes every foe in its path and deals more damage with each hit. Nice, huh? Where to actually purchase the partially extremely excellent guns is a pressing concern. Here is a list of every weapon in Remnant 2 along with where it may be found.

    In Remnant 2, the player’s main tool for doing damage to enemies and bosses is their arsenal of weapons. Players can select from a wide range of base weaponry, including Melee Weapons, which were used in direct hand-to-hand combat, Handguns, which included pistols and submachine guns, and Long Guns, which included shotguns and rifles. Weapons can be obtained from dead enemies, as loot at the end of various dungeons, or by buying them from some Merchants. Upgrades to Remnant 2 weapons can increase their damage, which has an impact on any associated Weapon Mods.

    How are Remnant 2 weapons upgraded?

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    Players must go to Rigs, one of the several Merchants in Remnant 2, to upgrade their weapons. In the tutorial, players will encounter rags, which they can find in Ward 13 to upgrade their gear. Players must collect particular Materials from enemies they have defeated, looted, or found while completing quests and events in order to move forward with the improvements.

    Players can use regular iron to enhance their regular weapons up to +5. However, you’ll need forged iron in order to go above +5. Even rare varieties of iron, such as galvanized iron starting at +10 and hardened iron starting at +15, will become necessary for later upgrades as you go. It takes a total of 40 of each sort of iron (40 Iron, 40 Forged Iron, etc.) to upgrade standard weapons.

    A Simulacrum is necessary to upgrade your weapon to the maximum level of +20. This essential item can be purchased from Cass in Ward 13 for the sum of scrap currency remnant2 wiki guide 64px1,500 Scrap. In order to enhance a weapon from +19 to +20, the height of its potential, the Simulacrum is specifically required.

    The procedure of upgrading Special Boss Weapons is comparable, except they only reach a maximum of +10 rather than +20. Lumenite Crystals are needed to upgrade these special weapons in addition to Scrap and Iron. The modifications for these unique weapons can also be handled by rigs. It takes 30 iron, plus 35 of each succeeding type of iron, to upgrade special weapons.

    It’s a good idea to keep in mind that any weapons you find that you already own or boss materials that McCabe has already crafted into weapons will receive a +1 modifier. This allows you to save precious resources and ensures that your arsenal is effective in the face of severe obstacles by using duplicate weapons or boss materials to further upgrade them.


    Remnant 2 weapons locations

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    Atom Smasher: Terminus Station > N’Erud. After surviving the onslaught of foes, found inside the final wagon of the railway.

    The Assassin’s Dagger is craftable in Nimue. Review Remainder 2 How to Get Every Secret Item Nimue Sells.

    Atom Splitter: Putrid Domain > N’Erud. To jump onto the catwalk above, use a mechanical arm to raise a platform in the part with the catwalks. To locate the weapon, follow the path.

    When the Campaign mode on Apocalypse difficulty has been completed, you can purchase the Blade of Adventure at Brabus.

    A Blood Moon Altar sells the Blade of Gul for 10 Blood Moon Essence and 1,250 Scraps.

    Bone Chopper: The Great Hall > Losomn. Use one of the two dumbwaiters in the hallways to get to a chamber holding the weapon after finishing the Feast Event.

    Cracked Claws: Corrupted Harbor > Root Earth. Continue up the stairs in the same room where you battled a swarm of foes until you get to a set of steps that are bordered by enormous roots. Follow this root, then descend to the end. Next, search slightly to the right of the brambles for a route to crawl through.

    Dreamcatcher: Tormenter Asylum > Losomn. is available for collection by delivering the Nightwear Stone Doll.

    • Yaesha > Imperial Gardens at the Forest’s Edge. positioned behind a brittle orange globule door.
    • It is possible to make a Feral Judgment at Ava in Ward 13. You must kill the doe while fighting the corrupted raven in Yaesha (must be done before the raven consumes the doe) in order to obtain the Ravager’s Maw.
    • Gas Giant: Forgotten Prison > N’Erud. If you let Tal’Ratha consume you, it will be your reward for defeating him.
    • Godsplitter: Ava in Ward 13 can craft it. You must defeat Faerin in Losomn > Malefic Gallery to acquire Melded Hilt.
    • After successfully completing Campaign mode on Nightmare difficulties, the Hero’s Sword can be purchased at Brabus.
    • Huntress Spear: Ava in Ward 13 can manufacture one for you. You must defeat The Huntress in Losomn > Briella’s Garden in order to earn Venerated Spearhead.
    • Purchase an Iron Greatsword from Brabus in Ward 13.
    • Knuckle Dusters may be purchased at Ward 13 from Brabus.
    • Yaesha > Endaira’s End, Krell Axe. A floor switch towards the area’s conclusion unlocks a wall that contains a little maze. One of the maze rooms has the weapon.
    • The staff of the Labyrinth: Fractured Ingress > The Labyrinth. Once you reach a gateway that constantly changing, turn left and continue through the tunnel. When facing the portal, turn left to find a flight of stairs that seem to go nowhere. As you descend, a path will appear underneath you. When a platform appears, proceed to the end. Use it to cross across to the opposite side, and keep going until you run into the Bastion adversary of the Aberration. After you defeat Bastion, take this weapon.
    • Nightshade: It is possible to make it at Ava in Ward 13. You must obtain Nightweaver’s Finger, which is extremely difficult. You must shoot the Nightweaver’s heart when she reveals it during the battle in order to do this. There is no other way to harm her.
    • Ornate Blade: Council Chamber > Losomn. During the Fae Council event, accuse the appropriate conspirator. The colour and symbol hidden inside the hilt of the Assassin’s Dagger, which you will get throughout the event, disclose the right conspirator.
    • Ornate Flail: Council Chamber > Losomn. can be located in the watery area where you must wade, in the hidden path. You must battle The Executioner, an adversary from the Aberration, in the same hidden passage. Not always, this hidden tunnel spawns.
    • Forbidden Grove > Yaesha in the Rebellion Spear. Speak with Bedel of the Vaunnt at the beginning of the Forbidden Grove (he can be found stuck in some Roots). Continue with the main goal and engage in combat with the Ravager when you encounter him. then get this weapon by going back to Bedel.
    • The Red Doe Staff is made by Ava in Ward 13. You must slay the Ravager in Yaesha > Forbidden Grove to gain Cracked Doe’s Antler.
    • Yaesha surpasses The Red Throne in the Royal Broadsword. Be impolite when speaking to the Queen. This weapon can be found on the second level of the prison in one of the side chambers after being released on bail.
    • You can purchase Rusted Claws from Brabus in Ward 13.
    • Brabus is located in Ward 13 and sells the following items: Scrap Hammer, Scrap Hatchet, Scrap Staff, and Smolder. Smolder may be purchased from Brabus after successfully completing Campaign mode on Veteran difficulty.
    • Crafting the Spectral Blade is possible at Ava at Ward. 13. You must slay the Guardian of N’Erud in N’Erud > Sentinel’s Keep to obtain the Eidolon Shard.
    • Steel Flail: available at Ward from Brabus, Steel Katanas are available from Brabus at Ward. Steel Spear: available from Brabus in Ward. Steel Sword: Purchased from Brabus in Ward 13.

    There are 37 melee weapons in Remannt 2. The locations of all melee weapons as well as instructions on how to unlock them are listed here.



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