Mind-Boggling Spider-Man Video Game Mix-Up: Confusion Over Puerto Rican and Cuban Flags

    In a game that celebrates the main character’s Puerto Rican origin, players of the eagerly awaited video game “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” resorted to social media to beg creators to fix a few instances that have mistaken the Puerto Rican and the Cuban flags.

    Fans acknowledge that Miles Morales is one of the only mainstream Latino superheroes.

    Fans noticed over the weekend that the Puerto Rican and Cuban flags were jumbled up in at least two sequences in the new PlayStation 5 game featuring Morales, which was launched by Insomniac Games on Friday. It is said that the corporation is trying to correct the error. There was still no set schedule for the fix as of Tuesday.

    Social media users drew attention to the fact that the flag flown in one scene in Morales’ Spanish Harlem family house is from Cuba rather than his native Puerto Rico. A second appearance of the Cuban flag in a street scene.

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    The flags have the same layout—a triangle with a single star inside it and three coloured stripes next to two white stripes—but the colours are reversed. The Puerto Rican flag has three red stripes and a blue triangle, while the Cuban flag has three blue stripes and a red triangle.

    James Stevenson, the director of community and marketing at Insomniac Games, responded to a post on “X” shortly after the game’s release by saying, “Fix is coming for that.” The user commended the developers for depicting Puerto Rican culture in the game and asked for a fix to the inconsistencies.

    According to IGN, a website that analyzes video games, the Puerto Rican flag is accurately represented in other portions of the game, such as different spider suit styles and some Puerto Rican traditions and dishes.


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