Top 5 Role-Playing Games With Blacksmithing Mechanics


    Without their legendary weapon, no explorer is complete. Some players would rather explore a cave, battle a huge one-eyed monster, and steal the weapons from them. They create their own, too. In an RPG, creating your own content can even be among its most satisfying features. Many video games today let players create their own swords and even enchant them, giving them a little bit of individuality and swagger.

    An RPG’s fundamental appeal is that it gives players the freedom to adopt any character type, from a daring hero to a magic-wielding rogue. For any aspiring hero, beheading a dragon with their own gear is one of the most fulfilling pastimes. Blacksmithing is one of the most common hobbies.

    Ritwik Mitra updated this on October 22, 2022: Any role-playing game worth their salt will provide players access to a wide range of options that allow them to live out a virtual existence as a wholly unique and original character who is capable of achieving anything they set their minds to. The most praised and loved video games have a reputation for giving players a ton of choices during their epic trip, from being stealthy to utilizing their cunning tongues to get out of most situations.

    Surprisingly, if players put enough effort into this particular area, even something as seemingly monotonous as blacksmithing may become one of the most enjoyable portions of the experience. Players who are proficient blacksmiths or have access to excellent blacksmiths can obtain some of the game’s most powerful weapons, which will completely annihilate their opponents. Here are a few of the top video games with detailed blacksmithing mechanics.

    5 Role-Playing Games With Blacksmithing Mechanics

    1  Divinity: Original Sin 2

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    A large part of Larian Entertainment’s rise to fame as one of the greatest modern CRPG creators of all time may be attributed to Divinity: Original Sin and its follow-up’s enormous popularity. The latter is hailed as one of the best role-playing games ever made and is praised for its masterful integration of gameplay, world, and characters into an engaging whole.

    Fans of Divinity: Original Sin 2 will despise the concept of ending this masterpiece, despite the fact that the game has hundreds of hours of playtime. This game’s improved crafting system allows for the creation of strong weapons and effective enemy combat. In fact, this is downright recommended since gear is extremely important to survive some of the game’s most challenging encounters.

    2 Skyrim

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    There is a reason why so many fans consider Skyrim to be one of the best RPGs ever made, and the game is now approaching its eleventh birthday. Players continue to return eleven years later because there are so many quests and jobs to complete.

    In Skyrim, blacksmithing is highly helpful because it’s the quickest way to acquire top-notch gear and eliminates the need to scavenge the forest for the final item of ebony armour. If players wish to go through this game quickly, it’s also a terrific way to pick up some rapid levels.

    3 Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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    When playing Kingdom Come Deliverance, there are several things that players can’t do. As a simple commoner at first, Henry is unable to perform basic tasks like reading and writing. But he can create weapons.

    Henry is searching for his father’s final creation throughout the entire game. Henry’s father is the village blacksmith. The option to pick up the forge hammer and begin forging their own weapons is also available to players.

    4 Fantasy Life

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    Fantasy Life is distinctive in that it allows users to mix their daily work and an active lifestyle of adventuring. Players can have the best of both worlds without having to decide between becoming a vicious mercenary or a five-star chef.

    Additionally, the game contains a progression mechanism that transforms each task into the main quest line. The player can search for legendary trees if they train to be woodcutters. Fisherman? Find a mystery fish in the ocean that has never been seen by a human. The same holds true for blacksmithing.

    5 Outward

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    One of the rare single-player RPGs that supports multiplayer gaming is Outward. The characters aren’t some fabled warriors sent to annihilate a vanished god. They are unremarkable individuals who reside in an unremarkable village.

    To become a legendary hero, the player must learn everything from magic to blacksmithing. Work along with the neighbourhood blacksmith to create special schematics and get ready for the perils outside the village walls.



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