Baldur’s gate 3 companions locations


    Baldur’s gate 3 companions locations In Baldur’s Gate 3, your party members play an important role in your narrative. It can be a bit of a hassle to locate every one of your buddies and their precise locations. All BG3 companion places are listed below in case you’re wondering where to look for them.

    Map and Legend of the Wilderness

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    1) Shadowheart – close to the shipwreck or the historic church.

    2) Astarion is located south of the Mindflayer ship that crashed.

    On the Roadside Cliffs, a gateway has Gale imprisoned.

    4) Lae’zel, who is imprisoned north of Gale in a cage.

    5) Karlach – after speaking with Wyll, locate him.

    Wyll is a character outside Emerald Grove.

    Halsin (not marked on the map as connected to a quest)


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    When you first see Shadowheart, she will be imprisoned in a Mindflayer pod in the Nautiloid. Find a rune in the next room that you can use to release her by exploring it. If you do this, when you initially go there you’ll find her on the beach, not far from where you are. To maintain her faith, wake her up but repress the impulse to touch her artifact.

    She can be located much further down the beach, close to an abandoned chapel, near the Overgrown Ruins waypoint, if you don’t manage to free her from the pod.


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    Southwest of the massive Nautiloid wreck is where Astarion is located. The sly vampire is seen ambling around the trails close to the cliffs. He will make the false claim that he has captured one of the brain creatures nearby in an effort to fool people. He will seek for your assistance, and if you provide it, he will, like all sly rogues, pull a knife.

    After hearing that you too are a victim of the Mindflayers, his initial rage subsides, and after a little conversation, he agrees to join your party while you search for a remedy for the parasites that are currently dooming you.


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    You can find a shimmering purple symbol on the cliff path that runs along the top of the crashed Nautiloid. This waypoint is undoubtedly broken in some way. Interact with to watch a human arm suddenly protrude, then assist Gale as best you can. You can force it open with raw force or calm the seething portal with magic. When Gale is liberated, you will have a grateful new friend and a working gateway called Roadside Cliffs that will serve as a waypoint.


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    Continue completing the story tasks until you get to the Goblin camp to discover Minthara. The Shattered Sanctum is where you can find her. If you want her to join you, you’ll have to make some significant choices. In essence, you have the option of having Wyll and Halsin join by not destroying the Emerald Grove or having her join by doing so. According to what we can determine, you cannot have both, however, you might encounter additional opportunities as the game progresses.



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