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    Baldur’s gate 3 level 5 patch 6 Patch Notes for Baldur’s Gate 3 Update 9: Level 5, Paladin Class, New Spells, And More! This holiday season, Larian Studios is bestowing onto us a beautiful present with the introduction of the largest patch to date. This includes a level cap increase to 5, the addition of the Paladin Class, a long list of new spells, as well as combat and gameplay adjustments that will more than make up for the launch delay. This page is for you if you’re interested in learning about the significant, extensive changes for Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 9!

    The level-up cap has only ever been Level 4 since Baldur’s Gate 3’s Early Access launch. But happily, Level 5 adjustments will soon be introduced, significantly improving the nature of combat! You could question what impact these will have on us. The Extra Attack Feature will enable martial classes like the Fighter, Ranger, and Barbarian to deal enormous Weapon Attack Damage and dispatch more powerful foes with ease. They are able to utilize the Attack Action twice in a single turn, making this conceivable.

    Better spells like the Fireball, which compels targets to make a Dexterity Saving Throw roll, will be available to spellcasters like the Wizard in the meantime. Whether they succeed or not, they will still sustain severe AoE damage, and the area will catch fire. In addition, we’ll also see Level 3 spells like Fly, which we first saw in the most recent Game Awards 2022 teaser, notably with Gale flying from one place to another.

    We won’t be seeing any new places, despite the higher-level cap. In addition to the capabilities that various Classes will make available, some NPCs will also experience level increases. To mention a few, these include Gekh Coal, Mask of Regret, and Filro. Upon reaching Level 5, these would enable you to evaluate the performance of your characters. Even while we’re making progress, Larian Studios is still mum on what might be the game’s maximum level when Baldur’s Gate 3 debuts in August 2023. What do you think the theories are? Will there be an additional Patch before the release?

    Patch Notes for Baldur’s Gate 3 Update 9 – The Holy Paladin Class

    Panda Atlanta

    The much-anticipated Paladin Class is right around the corner, with the Monk the only remaining class from the Player’s Handbook, that’s not yet available in the game. In Patch 9, you’ll get to choose from 2 Subclasses, namely, the Oath of the Ancients and the Oath of Devotion. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll gain access to Divine Sense and Lay on Hands together with 1 Channel Oath Charge each.

    You will have a higher chance of striking certain opponent kinds, such as Celestials, Undead, and Fiends, thanks to the Attack Roll Advantage provided by the Bonus Action “Divine Sense.” In the same way that you must physically touch your ally to heal them, Lay on Hands functions similarly to Cure Wounds. But what’s even better is that you can also heal them of their ailments, like poison. The Paladin is a very dependable component of the team because they are skilled in all weapons, armor, and shields, just like the Fighter is.

    If you choose the Oath of the Ancients, you will fight against evil powers to save nature’s forces and all life in general. Due to Healing Radiance, you’ll initially be playing a more supportive role. This enables you to use your oath to heal every ally in the area. Because of Holy Rebuke, the Oath of Devotion Paladin is more offensive-focused while still protecting comrades at all costs so that they can act morally. They can use Holy Rebuke to channel their oath and imbue any teammate with an aura that deals 1-4 Radiant Damage to a creature that makes a melee attack against them. This action’s ability to be cast from a distance is one of its advantages.

    Patch Notes for Baldur’s Gate 3 Update 9 – New Spells

    Panda Atlanta

    The addition of new spells and scrolls to the next Baldur’s Gate 3 update is one of the biggest changes! We have been able to obtain some of them, such the Fireball, Spirit Guardians, Counterspell, Wrathful Smite, Glyph of Warding, and Mass Healing Word, even if there isn’t a complete list yet. Following our discussion of Fireball in the first chapter of Patch 9, we’ll now discuss Spirit Guardians, another Level 3 Spell.

    This is only available to Clerics and takes concentration. It calls forth many spirits, which fly all around the summoner. The adversary will suffer 3 to 24 Necrotic or Radiant Damage when they enter the spirits’ radius. In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can choose the kind of damage you want to do, but in the D&D 5E Ruleset, the option is based on the caster’s alignment, with Necrotic Damage being applied to characters who are good or neutral, and Radiant Damage to those who are evil.

    We’re pleased to see the addition of Counterspell now thanks to the updated Reaction System. This potent Spell will completely interfere with a target’s attempt to cast a Spell, effectively negating their original plan. Along with previous Smite Spells like Divine Smite and Thunderous Smite, we’ll also get another Level 1 Evocation Spell named Wrathful Smite, which deals 16–31 Slashing and Psychic Damage. While Mass Healing Word enables you to heal several allies from any distance, Glyph of Warding causes a random magical effect against the enemy when they tread on the AoE.

    Panda Atlanta

    Additionally, new Command Spell variants are being added to the game. Only Halt is now available to stop the target from taking any Actions, but D&D 5E also has Approach, Drop, Flee, and Grovel, so we’ll just have to wait until the new Patch releases to find out.

    Players of Magic Missiles wearing the Sapphire Spark will now see a subtle nerf. Instead of each hit dealing an additional 1 – 4 Psychic Damage, the necklace now known as Psychic Spark grants 1 extra Magic Missile projectile. According to the present implementation, Magic Missile would deal 2–5 Force Damage, which means that a single cast of Psychic Spark would only be capable of dealing 8–20 Damage at Level 1 as opposed to 9–27.

    Finally, we’re crossing our fingers for unique features like the Lightning Bolt Spell and the Owlbear Wildshape transformation for Druids now that the Level 5 cap has been added to the game. We can quit spending our hard-earned cash on Revivify Scrolls and just utilize a Spell Slot by using Revivify instead if the Clerics and Paladins can also use it.

    Combat and Gaming

    In Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 9, you can anticipate to see tooltips that have been updated, enhanced, or fixed across the board in terms of gameplay. The tooltips for both spells and actions have been completely revised, making it clearer when an action is performed what will happen if it misses and how much damage it will deal. Additional information, such as spells needing attack rolls or saving throws from the target, will also be revealed. Although they will be brief, the tooltips themselves can be expanded upon (and sticky attached to the UI). 

    Combat records will also be more thorough and lucid. For instance, in the terrible event that you are pushed into oblivion, significant failures will be described in depth, and there will be a breakdown of Fall Damage. Speaking of Shove, when used while in cover, it will now grant you an Advantage Roll.

    Act 1 encounters will be changed, especially in the Blighted Village and Grymforge, to make fighting as equal as feasible. You can anticipate that some duergars and Sword Spiders would substitute Extra Attack for their second Action (thanks, Level 5!). You must locate the ideal position for your spellcasters because Clerics can now cast Silence and Glyph of Warding: Lightning. Additionally, quarterstaves will be “Versatile,” enabling you to use them with both hands and inflict more damage.

    Due to these adjustments to the game’s balance, the opponent AI will be more intelligent this time around, increasing both how they interact with player characters and how well they perform in battle. Humanoids, for instance, will be more aware of their chances of success and frequently choose the courses of action that will ensure their successes!

    Furthermore, keep in mind that NPCs can now determine the perfect time to use Shove to your detriment, so be careful when placing your characters close to the edge of cliffs or slopes. You must first defeat them in their own game because they will prioritize mending your teammates whose HP are the lowest. Finally, despite their distance from the action, NPCs can still join combat if they so choose.



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