Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Best Gun


    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 zombies best gun In the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Zombies mode, also referred to as MWZ, zombies are ruthless adversaries. There will be many of them to deal with, so having some of the greatest weapons in the game at your disposal will put you in a better position.

    While there aren’t many new weapons in MW3, this is the first time that MW2’s weaponry has been made available in Zombies. There are also a few exclusive bonuses that are exclusive to MWZ.

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Best Gun

    Simply scroll through our list below to find every top weapon in MWZ that will keep you at the top.

    Holger 556

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    Again, in MWZ or the primary MW3 multiplayer modes, the Holger 556 is a good option for an assault rifle with a long range. If you aim it at a few heads, you should have a steady enough recoil to use headshots to decimate large groups of people.

    FTAC Siege

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    An automatic pistol is a great option because you rarely have to worry about accuracy or range in MWZ. Surprisingly, the FTAC Siege works well in MW3’s multiplayer mode as well. This is a simple gun to pick up and fire at zombies with, and because of its fast movement, it’s perfect for dodging the swarm when you get too close and have to reload. You can carry this gun into the High-Threat Zone and still blow heads off with it if you keep it upgraded.

    Explosive Crossbow

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    The crossbow is a traditional high-risk, high-reward weapon, but its risk is considerably reduced when it has explosive bolts. In Mass Effect Zero, a standard crossbow won’t offer you much of an advantage, but with those explosive bolts attached, it practically feels like cheating. This weapon will prove to be highly valuable if you are able to fully upgrade it.

    PDSW 528

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    Like the FTAC Siege, the PDSW allows you to have excellent mobility combined with powerful firepower. It’s a great SMG for a change of pace. Upgrade this gun to the point where you can carry hundreds of rounds with it, just like an LMG, while still having the speed of an SMG. A wise decision.

    Legendary rarity weapons
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    Legendary-rarity weapons are available for purchase in the tier-3 High Threat Zone for 5k each, and they are almost always worthwhile. Gold-rarity weapons are simply superior to other weaponry, and if you can obtain a Gold-rarity LMG, you’ll be slaughtering zombies by the swarm with ease. In the event that you find yourself in a High Threat Zone and feel intimidated, be sure to seek out and acquire a Gold-rarity weapon.

    Ray Gun
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    Long a favourite among zombies, the Ray Gun is still excellent in MWZ, if not better than before. Without a doubt, the best weapon in MWZ is the Ray Gun, which can destroy both bosses and zombies with equal ferocity. Don’t let it go if you can obtain this through a Mystery Box or by crafting it using schematics.



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