Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Exotics Quests


    Destiny 2 shadowkeep exotics quests Shadowkeep adds a host of new exotic weapons and armor to Destiny 2. Some are included in the main game, while others require the Season of the Undying Season Pass. In total, three armor pieces have been revealed, one for each class, as well as at least seven new exotic weaponry. Each of these is covered in detail in our Shadowkeep exotics guide, along with information on their abilities and how to obtain them.

    Exotics in Destiny 2 are some of the most valuable items in Bungie’s treasure trove of loot. Exotic weapons and armour mix visual flair with devilishly good benefits, which will come in handy during the Shadowkeep encounter in Destiny 2. The One-Eyed Mask helmet for the Titan Destiny 2 class was one of Forsaken’s greatest Exotics. It has a scary appearance and makes anyone wearing it even more so, as its major perk renders everyone who harms you dead. If you kill the marked player, your shields and damage will be enhanced.


    What Exotics, on the other hand, can we find in Shadowkeep? We’ll go through all of the weapons and armor we’ve uncovered so far, their benefits, and how you can add them to your armory in this tutorial. So, here are all of the Shadowkeep Exotics we’ve found so far in Destiny 2.

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