In Genshin Impact Ingredients for Shenhe Ascension and Talent


    in genshin impact Players can get started on Shenhe’s ascension materials early if they intend to support her. Well, at least the majority of them. This Liyue persona is yet another pupil of Cloud Retainer, an Adeptus who resides in Liyue’s Jueyun Karst. Cloud Retainer typically takes the form of a crane. Shenhe herself, on the other hand, is a typical human, not an Adeptus. Shenhe is an outcast by her tribe, so Cloud Retainer opted to train her in the mountains out of compassion. The disciple is still cut off from people today.


    March 20, 2023 update It’s not surprising that Shenhe’s help is needed more frequently as a result of Ganyu and Ayaka still holding the top spots among meta characters. She was initially perceived as being limited and specialized, but people soon realized that her limitations served to keep her from becoming overpowered. The following Shenhe items should be prepared by players who intend to support the Adeptus Disciple so that she can enter the fight as soon as she joins the group.

    Material Leveling

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    Increasing Shenhe’s level is a wonderful idea because the damage increase she receives scales with her overall ATK. The following supplies are required for leveling up Shenhe:

    80-90 (max)3,423,125684,800
    Totals:8,362,650 EXP1,673,400 Mora

    Ingredients From Shenhe Ascension’s In Genshin Impact

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    For Shenhe ascension materials in Genshin Impact, the following are necessary:

    LevelGemsEnemy DropsBoss DropsSpecialtyMora
    20Shivada Jade Silver, oneWhopperflower Nectar 3x3x Qingxin20,000
    40Shivada Jade Fragment 3xWhopperflower Nectar 15x False Fin of the Dragonheir 2X10x Qingxin40,000
    506 pieces of Shivada jadeShimmering Nectar 12xDragonheir’s False Fin 4x20x Qingxin60,000
    60Shivada Jade Chunk 3XShimmering Nectar 18x8x Dragonheir False Fin30x Qingxin80,000
    70Shivada Jade Chunk, 6 xEnergy Nectar 12x12x False Fin of the Dragonheir45x Qingxin100,000
    80Gemstone Shivada Jade 6 xEnergy Nectar 24x20x False Fin of the Dragonheir60x Qingxin120,000
    TotalsShivada Jade Silver, 1x
    9x of Shivada jade
    Shivada Jade Chunk, 9x
    Gemstone Shivada Jade 6 x
    18x Whopperflower Nectar
    30x Shimmering Nectar
    36x Energy Nectar

    Where to Find Shivada Jade in Gemstones

    In Genshin Impact, the following global boss and weekly boss can be defeated to get Shivada Jade:

    • Lupus Boreas
    • Childe
    • Signora
    • Azhdaha
    • Perpetual Mechanical Array
    • Primo Geovishap
    • Maguu Kenki
    • Cryo Regisvine
    • Cryo Hypostasis
    • Aeonblight Drake
    • Bathysmal Vishap Herds

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    Where to Find Whopperflower Nectar in Enemy Drop

    Whopperflower is an enemy that frequently poses as a common plant and can be defeated to obtain the nectar drips.

    • Level 40 and higher: Shimmering Nectar
    • level 60 and higher: Energy Nectar
    • Any level: Whopperflower Nectar



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