Starfield Initial Release Date


    Starfield Initial Release Date I hope your thrusters are warmed up: For early access astronauts, the launch from Starfield is just one week and a half away. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that people are eager to play Bethesda’s space adventure as it will be the studio’s first brand-new series in twenty-five years. And, in the interest of being honest, I’ll admit that some of us have a sick interest in what Bethesda’s signature jankiness will appear like on a cosmic scale.

    Starfield promises a thousand worlds’ worth of space exploration, including crew members to go on adventures with, custom-built spacecraft to use, outposts to establish, and space skeletons to use their space journals to tell environmental stories. You may discover all of the answers to your burning Starfield questions here as the release date draws near. Here is everything we know about the plot, setting, and gameplay of Starfield.

    When will Starfield be available?

    On September 6, 2023, Starfield will go on sale for those who buy the Standard Edition or have a PC Game Pass membership.

    What is the price of Starfield?

    Major publishers like Sony, Activision, and now Microsoft have increased the normal game price to $70 USD, which includes Starfield because gamers always want gaming to be more expensive. Fortunately, Microsoft has a history of including the most recent AAA releases on Xbox Game Pass right away. Starfield will be included to Game Pass on launch day, it has been confirmed.

    Live-action Starfield trailer 

    With this live-action Starfield Gamescom 2023 teaser, the title finally receives the best game release PR treatment: the brooding musical cover. We watch a space guy smile at a space girl before getting onto his spaceship, all while Rocket Man stumbles between sedative somberness and gushing factory-grade, Marvel cinematic glory. A brief montage of his space travels is shown to us, and in this instance, he is seen moving slowly and under bronze-coloured lighting. He then turned around and grinned at the space girl again.

    Watch the extended Starfield Direct overview from 2023.

    The 2023 Xbox & Bethesda event was concluded by Todd Howard with a significant Starfield Direct show and tell. We received a thorough overview of what Starfield has to offer, including information on the plot, weaponry, combat, character traits and perks, outposts, and ship construction.

    Bethesda expanded on the gameplay reveal from the previous year by showcasing more of each system. We were able to see how we could construct our ships out of various parts, alter the appearance of our avatars right down to the jawline, and choose talents and qualities that would allow us to mind-control aliens.



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