Steam Deck Starfield Keyboard


    Steam Deck Starfield keyboard I wish I could spend my Steam Points to purchase the unique Starfield keyboard made by a user of the Steam Deck Subreddit.

    Fans have been inspired by Starfield even though it hasn’t yet appeared on our Steam Deck screens. Before the release of Starfield, a Bethesda fan created a unique Steam Deck Starfield keyboard that is so fantastic that I wish I could use my Steam Points to purchase it.

    Astr0-Light showcased their modified Starfield keyboard on the Steam Deck subreddit, and it looks really great. Astr0-Light’s customized Steam Deck keyboard fits in well with the colour scheme and theming of the Starfield accessories that are already available on the market. If the Starfield keyboard were for sale, I’d spend my hard-earned Steam Points on it, but given how minimal the Steam Deck’s official customization is, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see something similar in the store.

    There are now just eight official custom keyboards available if you explore the Steam Points Shop. You’ll get access to an additional one, bringing the total to nine, if you’re fortunate enough to purchase the 512GB model Steam Deck. This seems to be rather basic.

    Panda Atlanta

    Additionally, none of the keyboards available in the Steam Points Shop are styled after any games, made by Valve or not. Although the ‘Digital’ keyboard could be compared to Bethesda’s Fallout, it is merely a design that mimics the look of vintage technology and is in no way tied to the series.

    This is strange, especially since there are a ton of emoticons, from Elden Ring to Remnant 2, that can be bought with points. The lack of official Startup Movies is another area where customization is severely lacking, so it’s not just the Steam Deck keyboards. The only startup movie that is officially branded after a Valve property is the “Turret Factory,” which you can download on your portable and is inspired by the Portal video game. I’m currently saving my points for it. In actuality, the total number of starter movies available is just 23.

    It’s unfortunate that the official selections for the Steam Deck are so limited, even while you can download unique keyboards like Astr0-Light’s Starfield one through Desktop mode. The fact that Valve has not consistently released keyboards and Startup Movies for the top Steam Deck games seems like a squandered opportunity. What I wouldn’t give to have a bespoke keyboard designed in the style of Baldur’s Gate 3 or a Startup Movie that included a D20 roll. Astr0-Light, who produces precisely encapsulating unique content that the Steam Deck severely lacks in an official capacity, is one such person. For the time being, I’m glad for them.

    If you want to enhance the setup of your PC gaming handheld, look at our selection of the best Steam Deck accessories. Additionally, there are tons of fantastic options on our list of the best Steam Deck skins for getting the customization for your Steam Deck that Valve does not offer.



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