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    Elden Ring Release Ps4with Elden ring smashing the sales chart these past few weeks it’s been yet another success for the Japanese from software studio however equally as consistent is the game’s inconsistent performance on all platforms with pc not being the saving grace this time so just what are the differences between platforms can you remove and resolve the issues on PC?


    Elden Ring Release ps4 What are the settings ?

    where is the very best place to die I mean play now we covered the game before launch on the current-gen consoles using patch 1.02 and that is the same patch available across all platforms still to this day so nothing has changed from that version apart from the inconsistency as you play obviously more patches will come but this is early march and this is the version we’re covering

    so the first thing to discuss is what are the variety of settings available across the last generation now generation and obviously the pc spec well the first thing is unsurprising there’s some heavy cutbacks certainly in the Xbox one version which seriously has significant reductions over and above what you would expect bringing the settings down to lower than lowest on PC

    if we make a comparison here to the PlayStation 4 version what we can see is a significant reduction in both ambient occlusion the load so you get much less grass and foliage off into the background lower quality textures lower resolution shadow maps and overall just a lower quality image because the resolution scaling all versions have dynamic scaling aside pc scales much lower the PlayStation 4 scales from 1920 by 1080 down to 1536 by 864 with it often being around that level or just below 1080p the Xbox

    Elden Ring Release Ps4
    Panda Atlanta

    one here in the s model scales at best 1600 by 900 and a counted low of 1200×675 with it often being at 720p levels in any sort of action as is the case here in many of the foliage comparison shots as is always the case though with Drs all versions may go lower and higher.

    but these were the most consistent ranges caught true of all versions tested here the result is ambient occlusion that almost appears to be off on Xbox ones it’s lower than lowest settings of grass than pc the dynamic time of day is also a factor with sun and overcast playing into the visual makeup but all sections here were tested at noon the Xbox one s is flatter due to that reduced foliage ambient occlusion bringing the depth of the scene down.

    in addition to this, the reduced level of detail on trees drawing in and a generally softer and noisier image at all times outside of this the PlayStation 4 boosts leave the settings as shown on screen closest I can get to pc identical settings what must be noted here is the gap between PlayStation 4 and Xbox one is almost identical to the levels we saw back in 2013 or 14 when the generation launched at times over two times.

    higher resolution on PlayStation 4 along with higher effects textures and even performance note this because I’ll touch on it later those PlayStation 4 settings are the same as we see on the PlayStation Pro and Xbox one x the caveat is all seem to run a dynamic effect setting even on the Elden Ring Release Ps4 and Xbox ones most likely now the resolutions scale with pro using a checkerboard solution here with 3200 by 1800 which is most often at but it can go as low as 26.88 by 1512 in heavier sections the Xbox one x can hit 3840 by 2160 but it is often at that lower level of 2688 by 1512.



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