Testus Rise Puzzle Elden ring Location

    Testus rise puzzle Elden ring The boss battle against Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, takes place in Testu’s Rise, which is north of the Raya Lucaria Academy. Additionally, it is situated exactly where the Site of Lost Grace on Sorcerer’s Isle is. Players will quickly become aware as they draw closer to the tower that they must figure out the puzzle before they can enter.

    Players can learn to “seek three wise monsters” by reading the book on the pedestal in front of Testu’s Rise. While some gamers might anticipate boss battles or something, they will just need to defeat three turtles that are scattered throughout Testu’s Rise. Here’s how to enter Testu’s Rise in Elden Ring so you may get the reward there.

    Testus Rise Puzzle Elden ring

    Turtle Location #1

    Testis Rise Turtles Elden Ring

    The first turtle is hanging out by some rocks if you turn left from the main entrance of the tower. The turtle will be staring at a skeletal monster, making it simple to find. The Elden Ring skeletons will attack players and cause a lot of damage, so take caution.

    Turtle Location #2

    Testis Rise Turtles Elden Ring

    From the starting point, move east until you see another skeleton perched atop a large rock. He’ll be focusing on the second turtle, which is immobilized on the trunk of a large tree. The turtle will glow blue, so finding it shouldn’t be too difficult. However, players will have to use a bow and arrow or a magic strike to deal damage to it because it is so high in the air.

    Turtle Location #3

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    Walk along the cliff’s edge while keeping an eye on the ground as you head east or southeast from the main tower entrance. Players can employ a distant assault or descend to the ground floor to engage the turtle with a melee weapon. Once it is resolved, the door’s seal will be broken and players will be able to enter Testu’s Rise; the nearby skeletons should vanish as well.


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