Destiny 2 Exotics Ranked Broken


    Destiny 2 exotics ranked Players of Destiny 2 have discovered yet another bug that makes a vintage exotic weapon do ridiculously high amounts of damage to common foes. Game development inevitably involves bugs, and Bungie has experience dealing with these annoyances. Exotic weapon-related glitches in Destiny 2 have recently become a source of frustration for Bungie, and the release of the Lightfall update has only made matters worse.

    Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 differ greatly from legendary weapons and add a distinctive twist to the gameplay. These elaborately adorned weapons offer unique qualities and powers that, in addition to greater lethality, can enhance play styles or produce new build archetypes. The game’s balance is challenged with well over a hundred exotic weapons in Destiny 2. The ever-growing list of Legendary weapons in Destiny 2 that require ongoing balancing is another factor that complicates the problem of allocating development time and results in undesirable problems and glitches.

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    According to the devs’ thorough weapon-tuning blog, the Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2: Lightfall would be given a 20% and 40% damage boost versus major and minor combatants after the expansion opens. Yet some players have noticed that the Fighting Lion Grenade Launcher from the Red War campaign in Destiny 2 appears to have gotten a considerably bigger damage boost. Fighting Lion is currently doing over 200,000 points of damage against rank-and-file adversaries, which suggests that it is dealing a startling 15 times more damage than planned, as YouTuber Ehroar demonstrated in their movie about the exotic weapon.

    Many Destiny 2 players have added the overpowered weapon to their load-outs as a common response to issues like this. In contrast, others have hypothesized the potential causes of the weapon’s unpredictable behavior. No other Breech-Loaded Grenade Launcher is inflicting such an outrageous amount of damage, even though the weapon archetype did gain an overall damage bump. Fighting Lion’s heightened lethality can still be problematic in the upcoming World’s First Raid challenge, even though it is restricted to red bar foes. This restriction could result in the weapon being completely disabled until the Raid race is completed or the bug-fixing patch is released.

    After the expansion’s release, further Exotic weapon damage bugs have affected Destiny 2: Lightfall. Several other problems and undesirable interactions can be found when players start testing more weapons in preparation for the impending Day One Raid. Gamers can only pray that Bungie will keep an eye on them and fix them as soon as possible before more harm is done.



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