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    Legacy of thieves collection review I’ve missed Uncharted and its daring explorers, beautiful settings, and hilariously absurd set pieces. The fourth game and its standalone expansion, The Lost Legacy, have now been ported from the PlayStation mainstay to the PC. Playing through it once more has been a complete pleasure. It’s another justification for hanging off cliffs and looking for riches.

    Although there are some general similarities to Lara Croft’s tomb-robbing adventures that PC players may be more familiar with, Drake and his crew are self-avowed thieves, mercenaries, and outlaws with sharp tongues murky pasts, unlike Croft, who professes to be only an archaeologist. History is obliterated in his wake, one crumbling temple at a time, but he always makes the correct decision, which means he comes out of it with no more money than when he started. They are exciting journeys, with Uncharted 4 being the best of the bunch.

    Legacy of Thieves Collection Review

    Panda Atlanta

    You’ve undoubtedly already heard how great it is; it received almost universal acclaim upon release in 2016. It was and still is the ideal resolution to the heroic tale of the smirking hero. At first, he has abandoned his life of adventure and is content to live a normal life with his partner Elena. However, the appearance of his long-lost brother Sam tempts him to undertake one last quest. Naturally, everything fails spectacularly.

    Wise-cracking While Elena’s contribution is essential, Sam steals the stage. She stands in for the kind of life he would lead if he stopped taking risky journeys around the globe. He believes she is getting in the way since he wants adventure but needs it. They play Crash Bandicoot together in a still-perfect scene that serves as the prelude to a masterfully crafted emotional conflict made all the more moving by the quieter moments that come before it. This scene is a peaceful diversion in a game otherwise known for its intense firefights and close calls.

    That entire motion has aged beautifully. As rival treasure hunters and their gang of brutal mercenaries attempt to end your journey, there is plenty of it. Even though a controller was originally intended for it, I prefer using a mouse to shoot and aim in first-person shooter games‘ frequent combat segments. They continue to be as thrilling and challenging as ever, causing me to scurry from cover to cover, precisely time my shots, and check to see if I’m not getting outwitted. And using a mouse during these exciting, frantic firefights gives me the impression that I have more control over where my bullets and grenades land.

    X marks the spot

    Panda Atlanta

    Instead of the chaotic shootouts, I may devise a master plan while hiding in some tall grass, saving ammunition and providing its wonderful moments. Did these schemes always succeed? I must admit, rarely. Most of my stealth attempts ended in firefights or prompted me to run from vigilant mercenaries. But if you’re persistent enough, you can still eliminate a whole squad without being seen.

    You’ll spend most of your time climbing, clambering, and hanging off perilous perches when you’re not trying to eliminate the competitors. Unlike more recent Assassin’s Creed games, the climbing mechanics offer a variety of great, tactile puzzles that better use the surroundings and architecture.

    While the paths are frequently linear, there are also chances to forge your course. You are free to choose your routes over the rooftops rather than following the game‘s planned route when your team is visiting an Italian mansion and must slink from roof to roof to dodge the guards pursuing you. Avoiding your foes makes you feel smart; nevertheless, when you are caught, it makes you feel foolish.

    These climbing challenges are made more difficult by the occasional lethal trap. One of my favourite monsters may be seen in The Lost Legacy: enormous mechanical statues with deadly weaponry. You must count the number of moves you can make as these mechanical annoyances tick and crunch into place since the right path ensures that these weapons miss you. It is far more tense than the typical brainteaser. Even though I was stressed out from overanalyzing my actions, after three rounds of this, I felt like a pro. It is executed in a really ludicrous and campy manner, but it is the exact kind of stuff I expect from an Uncharted game.

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    You’ll be able to drive your jeep once you’re back on solid ground. The winch can be used to open heavy doors, tow the car up muddy slopes, and more, so it’s more than just a practical means to get about. The jeep in The Lost Legacy will make you feel quite free, but it also provides some thrills, like the thrilling downhill rush in Uncharted 4.

    Six years after its release, Uncharted 4 is still the industry leader in its field. To achieve the genre’s purest form, it smashes, rehydrates, simmers, filters, condenses, and compacts it. It’s a wonderful, top-notch vacation package. Every section or chapter opens with what appears to be a red carpet encouraging you to each time discover something new. Scotland’s freezing landscape, Madagascar’s vibrant savannah, and Italy’s arid evening air. You go anywhere with Uncharted, and it becomes a playground of mayhem for you to play in (and probably blow up on your way out). This is still sharp after all these years, and it looks even better on a PC.

    Paradise found

    Panda Atlanta

    The Lost Legacy is a fantastic companion to Uncharted 4, which brings Nathan Drake’s story to a satisfying conclusion. Another high-stakes adventure is offered, but this time it’s seen through the eyes of Chloe and Nadine, who had previously been Drake’s friend and foe, respectively.

    You get to witness these two in a manner Nathan couldn’t because of how masterfully written and portrayed their relationship is in The Lost Legacy. They lack the fortune and luxury of being a Drake and are independent explorers bearing the burden of family legacies on their backs. You start to wish for more conversation as they develop from strangers to friends where they talk about their pasts, the rumours of what occurred between Chloe and Nathan (especially now that he’s married), and how they become the courageous women they are now.

    The Lost Legacy’s opening chapter is as stressful as any chapter in Uncharted. After spending hours with Drake, the feeling of fearing for Chloe’s life as she navigates a real-world warzone and holding your breath as leering guards approach her is extremely different.

    Panda Atlanta

    While this journey isn’t as long as Drake’s, it has many of the same advantages, particularly as you start exploring India in your jeep in search of treasure tokens for an unknown prize. With the freeform exploration, you and your two heroes can take your time taking in all the sights and gathering all the treasure concealed throughout the river basin.

    The new characters raise even the common climbing passages since it shows their developing bond. As they support one another up these difficult walls, they grow closer. Their worry is evident as they call out to one another through challenging climbs, which develops alongside their bond. It’s wonderful to observe how that friendship develops throughout The Lost Legacy because Drake’s closest pals have always been mentors or lovers rather than simple buddies.

    The collection can still make an impression on contemporary hardware despite its antiquity. When my 2070 struggled with the Ultra preset at first, I became a little concerned. As a result, I toned it down to High and changed the DLSS setting to Quality. Even then, only sporadic stuttering was particularly noticeable when there was water around. The suggested settings state that the game should be played on an SSD, but I was forced to utilise my HDD, which may have presented some problems.

    Panda Atlanta

    However, the Razer Blade 15 with a 3070 handled the Ultra preset, achieving 60 frames per second at 1440p. The smoothness persisted even with DLSS disabled. If you do need to turn it on, you might see a very tiny quality decrease, but it’s so slight I only noticed it when I was side-by-side comparing the two. The glitch where characters would not move or speak during cutscenes was fixed when I switched to the Blade and its SSD.

    Whether you’re playing these games for the first time or revisiting them, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is a fantastic addition to Sony’s PC library. The pinnacles of the previous console generation, Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy rank with contemporary classics like God of War and Persona 5, and they are still well worth your time. I’ve been missing Uncharted, so I’m thrilled to get another chance to watch Nathan Drake’s final journey.



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